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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers interested in Will Bynum

While it is looking more and more likely to be a quiet trade deadline for the Detroit Pistons, there is a chance something on a smaller scale could be done.

A new report says that the Los Angeles Lakers are "closely monitoring" Will Bynum as a backup plan in case a deal for one of their preferred targets, Ramon Sessions of the Cleveland Cavaliers or Kirk Hinrich of the Atlanta Hawks, can't be reached.

I am hearing that, if no other deal can be made before the deadline, the team will look to swing a smaller trade for a point guard in the 11th hour. Two names the Lakers are closely monitoring are Will Bynum of the Detroit Pistons and A.J. Price of the Indiana Pacers. Bynum particularly is a favorite of Mitch Kupchak's for his explosiveness and ability to create shots for others.

A commitment to rookie point guard Brandon Knight and an early season injury forced Bynum out of the rotation and he hasn't really been able to play his way back in. The Pistons signed Walker D. Russell from the D-league when Bynum was out with a foot injury and starting shooting guard Rodney Stuckey was hampered by a groin injury.

Since returning from the injury, the Pistons have largely played a three-guard rotation between Knight, Stuckey and Ben Gordon, with Stuckey and Knight sharing the ball-handling duties. It seems at this point, the Pistons are comfortable giving the few reserves point guard minutes to Russell.

The Pistons could probably expect a second-round draft pick and a slight amount of salary relief in a deal. Bynum has one more season on his contract after this year for $3.2 million.

H/T to John382 for the heads up.