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VIDEO: Rodney Stuckey crossing up Kobe Bryant

As you know from Sean's recap, Rodney Stuckey went off on the Lakers last night to the tune of a game-high 34 points -- 11 coming in the fourth quarter and another six coming in the Pistons' 10-point overtime.

In the final three minutes of the fourth, Stuckey scored seven straight Pistons' points, including this killer, ankle-breaking cross over on Kobe Bryant, similar to the way he crossed over Allen Iverson a few years ago:

I haven't seen anybody mention this, but I don't think it's any coincidence one of Stuckey's better games came on the night his former head coach of two years, John Kuester, was back in town for the first time since being fired in June. Richard Hamilton may have been the "ringleader" of the team mutiny a year ago, but it's Stuckey that Kuester apparently didn't believe in and it's Stuckey that isn't mentioned in the article of Pistons with whom Kuester has supposedly made mends.

It's no secret, Kuester and Stuckey got into it often last year and Stuckey's attitude as a result didn't make him very likable or coveted this offseason leading up to his modest re-signing. I honestly believe Stuckey played with a chip on his shoulder and he got the last word, at least for one night (because Kuester wouldn't talk to the Detroit media).