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Rasheed Wallace works out for Heat, but unsure of return

Remember way back on Feb. 24 when Rasheed Wallace was going to sign with the Lakers? Obviously, it didn't happen. And a new report says that the still-retired-for-now former Detroit Piston worked out recently for the Miami Heat.

The report also stresses that he is unsure whether he wants to come back at all, although he is obviously taking the option extremely seriously if he is bothering to work out for prospective championship contenders.

In the words of Chris Tomasson, who covers the Heat for Fox Sports, Wallace isn't saying anything publicly because hedoesn't want to cause a lot of hoopla."

It is no surprise that teams are kicking the tires on Wallace, and I think it is completely in Sheed's court if he comes back. Wallace's skill set, smarts, quick hands, 3-point range, don't really rely on athleticism. So if he is slightly out of "game shape," something he consistently struggled with in his latter years, a team could still get a lot of quality production out of him while he played his way through it.

Of course, Wallace already has his ring and his championship belt, so he's not going to come back to the NBA with nothing to offer simply to chase another ring. I for one hope he comes back, although I'm not exactly a fan of the Lakers or the Heat and I'm not sure which team I'd rather see him sign with. What about you?