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Derrick Rose is a man and not happy with Charlie Villanueva's 'cheap shot'


As mentioned in the bullets of the hasty recap this morning, Charlie Villanueva saw nearly 20 minutes in Sunday's overtime loss to the Bulls. With 4:31 left in the fourth quarter and the Pistons up three, Villanueva was whistled for a foul on Derrick Rose as Rose went up for a layup. It appeared Villanueva was going for the ball, but the foul was on the harder side and CV caught Rose across the nose, drawing blood. Rose was none too pleased after the game, indirectly calling it a cheap shot [H/T PistonPowered]:

"I’m sick and tired of people trying to take cheap shots at me," Rose said. "I was mad, man. I’m a man, so situations like that, you have to say something. He hit me in the face and didn’t even aim for the ball."

Thibodeau lobbied for a flagrant-two foul and ejection.

Villanueva has a history of losing his cool and committing flagrant fouls, so Villanueva wasn't given the benefit of the doubt when Rose started jawing and CV responded. But there's no way this isolated incident warranted even a flagrant-one.