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Pistons at Pacers: Where we can all agree that Ron Artest sucks


All they had to do was lose to the stupid Toronto Raptors. They played horribly. They didn't deserve to win, really. And yet, they ruined their already minuscule odds at improving their lottery chances with the victory. Hey, at this point the team is talking about making the playoffs next season. And as horrible as they seem to play on some nights, it is not really out of the realm of possibility.

Game Tips at 7:00 PM EST

Detroit Pistons: 24 - 40 (7 - 25 road)

Indiana Pacers: 41 - 23 (22 - 9 home)

The Situation:

The Pistons play two more games -- this one in Indiana and one more at home against the Philadelphia 76ers. Frankly, it's hard for me, an avowed Pistons fan, to get much excitement going for this game. Wins and losses don't really matter at this point, and the game at home at least holds the drama of what is most likely the final game in Ben Wallace's illustrious, hall-of-fame career. This game .... pfft.

Keys to the Game:

Feed the Moose -- Most teams I don't care how the Pistons win but when they play the Pacers I just love when they dominate down low. Perhaps it has to do with the old hard-nosed rivalry. Maybe it's just the thought of pushing around all those dorky white guys they keep trotting out. Maybe it has something to do with this:

But I really want Greg to go Monrobocop on them. I'm talking 28 points and 15 boards. I don't care what else happens.

Sit down the vets -- I don't care if Tayshaun Prince, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva or Damien Wilkins are capable of playing a great game. I don't want any of them to see the floor. Give me Rodney Stuckey, Brandon Knight, Austin Daye, Jonas Jerebko and Greg Monroe as the starters. Give me Vernon Macklin and Ben Wallace (he is going to retire soon, after all) as the bigs off the bench. And Walker Russell too while you're at it.

Give the right players shot attempts -- With that lineup the shot attempts, from most to least, should look like this: Monroe, Stuckey, Jerebko, Daye, Knight, Macklin, Russell, Wallace. Do not deviate from this plan.

Questions of the Game:

When is the draft again? And how hard is it going to be to talk yourself into loving whomever they select with the ninth or 10th pick in the draft?