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Top Grooming Moments in Detroit Pistons History

If you've frequented any of the other SB Nation NBA blogs in the past week, you may have noticed posts on teams' "top grooming moments," which is a polite way of calling out some of the NBA's worst hairstyles and facial hair fashion faux pas. The reason for that is SB Nation NBA has teamed up with Adidas to survey these "top grooming moments" in the history of each NBA franchise. Now, we want to hear from you about some of the Pistons' "top grooming moments" in the team's illustrious history.

I have a few that come to mind: James Edwards' fu manchu, Scott Pollard's chops (before he got really crazy), Richard Hamilton's Amish beard (and billy goatee), and of course Ben Wallace. (It's hard to believe that Dennis Rodman the Piston doesn't make the list, at least not that I recall.)

What are some of your most memorable facial and hair styles in Pistons history? Embed your nominations in the comments and the most recs will provide us with a blog winner.

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