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Pistons think they'll make playoffs next year, Tom Gores says they better

After starting the season 4-20, the Detroit Pistons closed out the lockout condensed season with a 21-21 record, a winning percentage that would've been good enough to make the Eastern Conference playoffs over the course of a full season.

Last week, Jonas Jerebko guaransheed that the Pistons would make the playoffs next season:

"I don't want to go through this again," Jerebko said. "We're going to the playoffs next year. We know what it takes. You can't start off a season 4-20 and bounce back."

He was asked if he was guaranteeing anything, seeing as how former Piston Rasheed Wallace made headlines years ago with his famous boasts.

"Yes, sir," said Jerebko with a smile. "We're a playoff team, with playoff-caliber players."

Now, who is held accountable if they don't make the playoffs in 2012-2013?

Pistons' owner Tom Gores says they better, although he doesn't intend that to be a threat. He thinks this team could make the playoffs without making any moves, but he's not going to settle with a playoff appearance:

"We have to make some moves moving forward. I want players who want to be in Detroit. I think we established ourselves. I want to win a championship."

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