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2012 NBA Free Agents: Tayshaun Prince thinks Pistons should sign veteran PG

In the same Detroit News article which had Jonas Jerebko's guaransheed that the Pistons would make the playoffs next year, Tayshaun Prince said, "I know what this team needs, but it's not my decision to make." I just assumed he meant Anthony Davis or a quality big man to complement Greg Monroe, like everyone else had been saying, but it turns out that he was talking about a veteran point guard:

"Brandon Knight is our starting point guard and will continue to be, but hopefully we can get a veteran point guard to kind of mentor him a little bit," Prince said. "There can be times that me and Ben Wallace can mentor and help him out and whatnot, but I think if you have a point guard that's been through the wars, he can help him out a little bit better than we can."

I think we all know that Chauncey Billups is a free agent this summer and I don't think Prince is being all that subtle about who he wants the Pistons to bring back. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

If Dumars somehow manages to convince Billups to come back, even in a coach's role, I think that it could help keep Ben Wallace around another year. And it'd be pretty cool if Billups was given a season's worth of appreciation and one final farewell from Pistons fans. Of course, most importantly, it could help the 20-year-old Knight develop the mentality of a point guard faster while the talent is clearly there.

I think Crazy Carl is right.

(H/T to V. for posting this in the FanShots)