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Do Pistons want Damien Wilkins back or is it just a Dumars pump fake?

I expect at least a few pump fake GIFs in the comments, everybody. (Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE)
I expect at least a few pump fake GIFs in the comments, everybody. (Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE)

A good find by PistonPowered, as they link to a Chris Tomasson post that says the Detroit Pistons have indicated to reserve small forward Damien Wilkins that they would like him to return next season.

The sound you heard is every Detroit Bad Boys follower committing ritual seppuku.

But has the pump faker become the pump fakee? As Dan notes in his post at PistonPowered, Dumars and co. said much the same thing about the now-departed Tracy McGrady.

On the other hand, Dumars seems to shoot pretty straight. Maybe not with the media but certainly with his players. So if the Pistons want Wilkins back then I believe the interest is legit. The question is just how interested they are.

I think the Pistons were caught by surprise when Kyle Singler opted to stay in Spain as opposed to play on an unguaranteed contract for the Pistons. In the end, it was the right call for Singler as he is playing extremely well for a top team in Spain. So well, in fact, that there are questions about whether he will return to play stateside next season.

So maybe Wilkins is being viewed as Singler insurance.

The team also has three picks in the upcoming NBA draft and there is no telling whether or not they might grab a wing. If they do then it becomes even less likely that Wilkins returns. Add in the possibility that Austin Daye turns it around next year or that Charlie Villanueva works himself into small forward shape, and I don't see much opportunity for DW next season.

Of course, if the Pistons draft two big men and a point guard (we would all love that, wouldn't we?), shed CV via the amnesty clause, and again have no Singler then they would find themselves pretty much where they're at now. Tayshaun Prince with no viable backup other than Daye and Jonas Jerebko, and I am in the minority in thinking that JJ is, indeed, a power forward.