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2012 NBA Draft: John Henson to Pistons in latest ESPN mock

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Getty Images

After a couple iterations where the Detroit Pistons were tabbed to select Jared Sullinger the latest first-round mock draft (Insider) from ESPN has Detroit selecting North Carolina big man John Henson.

Even though I'm hoping the Pistons can grab an impact defensive presence with their No. 9 pick, I am not sure how I feel about the development.

Here is what writer Chad Ford had to say about the Pistons selecting Henson:

Analysis: The Pistons really need both length and athleticism in their frontcourt. We've had Jared Sullinger in Detroit the past few mock drafts, but I'm getting a sense that a player like Henson, or even Arnett Moultrie or Meyers Leonard, may have a better shot. All three seem like a bit of a reach at No. 9, but long athletes don't grow on trees and the Pistons might have to just take a risk here.

And since he mentioned Moultrie and Leonard, two other defensive-minded bigs, here is what he said about those players:

On Moultrie, who he has slated to go No. 16 to the Houston Rockets:

Analysis: Moultrie has been steadily rising on draft boards the past few weeks as GMs and scouts go back and look at tape. His size, elite athletic ability and rebounding prowess make him worth the risk. In fact, I wonder if he'll really go this low. The Pistons could grab him at No. 9.

And on Leonard, who he has pegged as the No. 19 pick to the Orlando Magic:

Analysis: The Magic are in serious danger of losing Dwight Howard in the next year. Leonard is a far cry from Howard, but he's big, he's athletic and he has shown some raw promise, especially on the defensive end.