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Pistons interested in Cavs' Alonzo Gee

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

File this one under "Whaaaa?"

Courtesy of Piston Powered, it seems that the Detroit Pistons are hot for the services of small forward, Alonzo Gee, a restricted free agent.

Gee, in case you're unaware is a bruising shooting guard/small forward. I say shooting guard only because he stands 6-foot-6 (he certainly can't shoot), I say brusing because, well, he'll put a hurt on you. Gee made hardly anything outside of the painted area last season but at least was smart enough not to take too many jumpers. He likes to bull his way into the paint and use quick moves to get off a shot.

Still, his lack of height did prove to be an issue, as he was blocked on over 10 percent of his shot attempts last season, which also happened to be the lowest blocked percentage of his career. So yeah, there is that.

So according to reports, the Pistons, a team desperately in need of big men, are interested in a 6-6 forward who can't shoot, handle, create and gets his shot blocked far too often. I'm not sure I can explain this one. Is this Dumars' new form of Singler insurance (as many flaws as he has he's better than Damien Wilkins, at least)? Or is this, perhaps, Jason Maxiell insurance?

As in, does Dumars see in Gee exactly what he saw in Corliss Williamson? An undervalued "small forward" that would play exclusively on the block and exploit mismatches?

Either way, I don't think it is a match made in heaven, as the Piston Powered article indicates, the Phoenix Suns are prepared to throw upwards of $4 million per his way. I know Dumars is spend thrift. I know he was interested in Glen Davis for the MLE last season. But I don't see him outbidding Phoenix for a player like Gee, especially with two small forwards already on the roster and another (hopefully) on the way.