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Former Piston Tracy McGrady stars in new Chinese beer commercial

Former Detroit Piston Tracy McGrady might be a backup in the NBA these days, most recently with the Atlanta Hawks, but he is still a bonafide superstar in China. I'm sure all those years as Yao Ming's most famous running mate in Houston didn't hurt matters. And now superstar McGrady is out starring in a new Chinese beer commercial and he even rocks some Mandarin (purely a guess) to boot!

I'm not sure why they decided to have McGrady feebly hop to try and free a stuck basketball as opposed to, I don't know, dunking the damn thing but it comes out pretty well in the end. Check out the video and I'm relying on the Detroit Bad Boys community to have at least one person that can give me an English translation for everything said in the video.

Or even better, perhaps people should just write their own script in the comments section.