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Austin Daye is working out with ... Clay Matthews

Last offseason Austin Daye worked out with Kevin Durant, which was encouraging to hear mostly because Durant is pretty good at basketball. Daye went on to play in Russia for a little bit during the lockout, actually lost weight he couldn't afford to lose and was again underwhelming -- to say the least -- for the Pistons this past season.

Daye needs to beef up and, according to a tweet he sent out today, he seems pretty serious about it:

As linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, Clay Matthews is a fairly large human being. He certainly knows how to get swoll with it, brotha. Matthews replied shortly thereafter that he'd be lifting with Daye "same time tomorrow." There's no question that Daye has been a little, uh, soft for the Pistons and hopefully Matthews can help him get that something with a little grrrr.