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Tayshaun Prince: Ben Wallace still undecided about retirement

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Maybe our poll is paying off after all.

According to longtime teammate Tayshaun Prince, future hall-of-famer Ben Wallace might just be putting off his induction by a year, as Prince says Wallace is undecided about whether to go through with his retirement or not.

Prince made the comments while serving as an analyst for NBA TV. Prince's comments, according to the Detroit Free Press:

"I think it is a situation where he is still thinking about it," Prince said. "One side is telling him it is time to spend time with the family and relax a little bit, and then the other side is saying I still have more left in the tank."

Sometimes I think that the fans and media hear only what they want to hear. In this case I always assumed that Wallace's wavering was really more of a hope/creation by those outside the organization. But if a teammate like Prince says he is still thinking it over I think we have to lend incredible credence to that.

I wonder if the final decision will have more to do with Wallace searching for motivation or more to do with looking at Detroit's roster closer to the beginning of next season and wondering if there is even a chance for him to get playing time. I'm as ready as anyone for the Pistons to draft a young, defensive-minded big man to serve as a building block alongside Greg Monroe. But I really want to see Wallace return and perhaps leave the game on a team with a winning record, in the playoffs with the stands to capacity at the Palace of Auburn Hills.