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2012 NBA Draft: John Henson called a 'perfect fit' for Pistons


This seems to be the week of John Henson news. First, the latest ESPN mock draft had Henson going to the Pistons with the No. 9 pick. Next, Vincent Goodwill at the Detroit News wrote a column talking about Henson being a match for what the Pistons are looking for.

The latest Henson-Detroit lovefest is from ESPN analyst David Thorpe. In a new column (Insider) examining draft prospects of interest to various teams, Thorpe calls Henson and Detroit a "perfect fit."

My guess is he will end up being a solid shooter and someone who will be able to score consistently inside. The nice thing about Henson is that he does not have to be a big-time scorer to be a positive contributor for the Pistons. But he has the potential to be a legit 16-point, 10-rebound guy while also routinely being among the league leaders in blocks. He's 21 with an 18-year-old's body.

In the same article he puts the following players into separate tiers in how they match up with the Pistons:

Bad fits

Perry Jones III
Damian Lillard
Kendall Marshall

Kind of fits

Tyler Zeller
Terrence Jones

Do you agree or disagree with his assessments? Who is the real "perfect fit" for the Pistons that could be available at No. 9?