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NBA Draft 2012: Pistons "seriously considering" Meyers Leonard at #9?

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After a solid showing at the 2012 NBA Draft combine last week, Meyers Leonard has earned second looks by several NBA teams-- including the Detroit Pistons. Having measured at 7'1" and 250 pounds, the tallest in the 2012 talent pool, Leonard's stock has risen and he may challenge Tyler Zeller and John Henson for a mid-range lottery pick. According to Jason McIntyre of Big Lead Sports, sources say the Pistons are considering Leonard at #9:

One source says Leonard is getting serious consideration from Portland (picks 6 and 11), Detroit (8th pick, in dire need of a center) and Milwaukee (12th pick, also desperately in need of a center).

Despite his stellar measurables, Leonard is not an entirely exciting prospect. His rebounding numbers are good, not great for a guy of his size, and his shot blocking may bring with it some foul trouble in the NBA. At 20 years old, however, he may still have a bit of growth in him and he could develop into a fine rotation player. If Leonard is the pick at #9, fans can at least take solace in the fact that Joe Dumars didn't draft another combo guard or narcoleptic wing. If you're not yet familiar with Meyers Leonard, DraftExpress released a scouting video today that looks closer at Leonard's sophomore campaign: