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NBA Draft: Did John Henson just vault ahead of Meyers Leonard?


This morning it looked like Meyers Leonard was the preferred pick of the Detroit Pistons with only a standout showing from a rival in the team's big prospect workout possibly getting in the way.

Well, it seems John Henson just got in the way.

Not much has been written about how the various prospects -- Leonard, Henson, Jared Sullinger, Terrence Jones, Perry Jones -- did in today's workout. But Chad Ford, who released a mock draft Monday stating that Leonard had the edge, is now singing a different tune

He hasn't changed his mock draft scenario (UPDATE: Yes, he has. With Henson going to Detroit) but it looks like he is going to shortly. Ford had this to say on Twitter:

Frankly, I'm torn. The numbers say Henson but I am afraid that just because Henson can dominate at the collegiate level, including in prospect workouts, doesn't mean he and his slight frame can assert himself on the NBA stage. Likewise I'm ecstatic that the Pistons are entertaining moving Monroe to the power forward slot, and Leonard's athleticism, size and youth are tantalizing. But he's not the defender Henson is and there is no saying he ever figures it out on the offensive end.

What do you guys think?