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2012 NBA Draft: Pistons interested in another first-rounder to draft Jared Sullinger?

It probably isn't healthy that simple tweets from beat writers send my mind in a million directions and compel me to write posts but this one from Vince Ellis was just too much of a doozy.

Is this idle speculation from Ellis or is this information he is gleaning from sources within the organization?

Furthermore, while Chad Ford (who broke the story on Sullinger being "red flagged" for back issues) has Sullinger tumbling all the way down into the late teens or early 20s, most other mock drafts I've seen have him in the mid teens at the latest.

Houston is currently armed with three first-round picks (14, 16, 18) but everyone knows they are really loading up for a chance to land Dwight Howard and may or may not be having discussions with Sacramento about the No. 5 pick.

But back before they were connected to Sacto, reports suggested that the Rockets didn't really want two mid-first-rounders and were open to selling one to the highest bidder. If the trade with the Kings doesn't materialize should the Pistons try and poach any of the three for a future first-rounder?

Can you think of any other teams that would be interested in selling off their pick so the Pistons can have their cake (Leonard or Henson) and eat it too (Sullinger)?

H/T to Kriz who had it first in the comments section.