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NBA Free Agents: Jason Maxiell won't be one yet

Per Vincent Goodwill on Twitter, Jason Maxiell will pick up his player option and stay with the Detroit Pistons for the 2012-2013 NBA Season.


The quick and dirty analysis: I think this is a good thing for the Detroit Pistons.

After Acquiring Corey Maggette, the Pistons are primed to pick up some assets at February's trade deadline, or they're prepared to be significant free agent players in 2012-2013. Not exactly in the driver's seat to become contenders overnight, sure, but definintely in a much better situation than they were a few days ago.

Jason Maxiell's expiring contract and his resurgence under coach Lawrence Frank will make him an intriguing target for a variety of teams - from those looking for a short-term rental to those scrambling to avoid the punitive luxury tax.

And assuming he keeps producing, which he has every incentive to do in a contract year, the worst case scenario for the Pistons rotation-caliber production for $5 million. It could be a whole lot worse than that.

And most importantly, I have a hard time imagining a Pistons team where babies are not eaten on the regular.

Your thoughts?