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Pistons Draft

2012 NBA Draft: In final mock, ESPN presumes Pistons' big board

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Chad Ford just doesn't quit. He is out with what I am assuming is his "final" mock draft at ESPN -- 10.0 to be exact -- although he promises little tweaks throughout the day. And while he has the Detroit Pistons selecting John Henson as usual, for each team he also has thrown in what he presumes to be that team's big board.

It makes for pretty interesting reading.

It is an ESPN Insider article so I can't quote the whole thing at length, but I will excerpt the section that concerns the Pistons.

Analysis: The Pistons, who desperately need size in the middle, are holding their breath that Drummond slides this far. If the Kings don't take him at No. 5, he just might. They like John Henson, too. They need length, athleticism and shot-blocking -- Henson provides all three.

Trade Scenarios: The Pistons have flirted with the idea of moving up to secure Drummond, but it's more likely they stay at No. 9.

Pistons' Big Board:
1. Thomas Robinson
2. Andre Drummond
3. John Henson
4. Tyler Zeller
5. Perry Jones

Conspicuously absent from the Pistons' top 5 is Meyers Leonard. Also surprising to see Perry Jones (who I think ends up being a small forward in the NBA) so high on the list.

I will note that looking at the "big boards" of the teams ahead of the Pistons, it seems that if Andre Drummond were to somehow fall past the Sacramento Kings at No. 5 no other team has Drummond in its top three. That means barring an unforseen trade he would likely land in the Pistons' laps.

I will say, however, that it is highly unlikely Drummond falls past five. Not only is he the preferred pick of the Kings should they keep it, he is also the player people are trying to trade up into the No. 5 slot for. I'm sure some will be happy to hear that.