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Pistons Draft

2012 NBA Draft Results: Detroit Pistons select Kim English with No. 44 overall pick

After seemingly throwing away the No. 39 overall pick on a guy who held his own in a pick-up game against Kevin Durant, the Pistons picked again at the No. 44 overall spot and selected shooting guard Kim English out of Missouri.

English is 6-foot-6 and can really stroke it -- he shot 46-percent from beyond the arc as a senior -- but that's about all he can do. According to ESPN Insider, he can't create his own shot, struggles to shoot off the bounce, needs to add strength (weighs just under 200) and his game is one-dimensional. He's sounds like a taller version of Ben Gordon at a much, much better price.

English was voted Most Outstanding Player of the Big 12 tournament and is supposedly a "blue collar guy with phenomenal intangibles."

He was projected to go No. 38 overall to the Nuggets and was No. 6 on Kevin Sawyer's 2nd Round big board.

We'll have more on the Pistons draft in the near future. Now, more of your thoughts.