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Pistons expect to sign Kyle Singler July 11

From the Associated Press by way of PistonPowered,

Detroit Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars says the team expects to sign Kyle Singler on July 11.

Detroit drafted the former Duke standout 33rd overall last year and Singler chose to stay in Spain after the lockout ended.

Dumars says the team looks forward to having the 6-foot-8 forward play for the Pistons this season.

I'll admit I'm scratching my head here - not because I'm opposed to Singler joining the Pistons, but because the Pistons are quickly acquiring too many players... literally.

As Mike observed back in April, it might prove challenging for Dumars to whittle the Pistons roster down to the maximum of 15. It looks like Ben Wallace's eventual decision on retirement and Joe Dumars' decision on Vernon Macklin will both be important factors.

This seems like a very odd problem for a team coming out of the lottery to have.

If you're pulling the strings, who gets cut?