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2012 NBA Draft: Scott Machado to work out for Pistons next week

I really don't want to be like Mike.
I really don't want to be like Mike.

According to Pistons beat writer Vincent Goodwill, Iona point guard and 2012 NBA draftee Scott Machado will work out for the Pistons:

This is exciting news for Pistons fans that are intrigued by Machado, and that group is numerous. The 6'1" guard led the nation in assists per game last season with 9.9 per contest. Machado had the best season of his four year college career, recording 54% shooting from two, 40% shooting from three, four free throw attempts, five rebounds and 1.6 steals per game. These are admirable numbers in any program, and warrant plenty of consideration from teams picking in the middle of the second round.

Machado is on the short side at 6'1", and his defense is questionable. These two issues, his age and the small program he's coming out of are the reasons why teams will likely pass on him in the first round. With the way Machado progressed through four seasons of college, however, it's reasonable to believe that his senior college season may not be his peak. If he can prove to the Detroit Pistons that he is willing to learn and grow with the team, he might be an easy pick at 39 or 44 in the second round of the 2012 draft.

Oh, and in case you haven't heard, Scott's first name is actually Michael. His most hated player in NBA history is Michael Jordan, so he asked people to stop calling him Michael and opted for his middle name instead. Sounds like he's got Pistons DNA in those veins...