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2012 Orlando Summer League: Austin Daye dominates Magic in 79-74 win

The Pistons won again in game two of the Orlando Summer League, besting the Magic 79-74 but it seemed to be a sizable step back for everyone save Austin Daye. Daye led all scorers with 24 on 8-10 shots including 3 of 3 from the 3-point line.

Prized rookie Andre Drummond struggled somewhat against better competition, specifically Andrew Nicholson and Kyle O'Quinn. Drummond had only three rebounds, one block and three points on 1 of 4 shooting. On defense Drummond again struggled for positioning and boxing out but had little help from teammates as Daye played most of his minutes from the power forward spot.

That meant Drummond was the only defensive presence on the floor and he often tried to get into driving lanes, alter shots and notch a few blocks. That led the middle unprotected after the shots went up and the Magic capitalized with a number of put-backs and 14 offensive rebounds overall.

There will still signs of Drummond's skill, contested shots, a quick, powerful jam, he even made a free throw! But there were even more signs of his youth and lack of experience.

Nicholson finished with 13 points and six rebounds while O'Quinn finished with 11 points and six rebounds. Fans who were hoping that the Pistons would have drafted a second big man such as O'Quinn probably did not enjoy watching this game too much.

Kim English struggled as well, hitting only 2 of 8 shots and missing all four 3-pointers. He never got into a rhythm and seemed a step slow on both offense and defense. He was trying to do the right things and make the right plays but in this game it lead to turnovers and fouls. A frustrating game to be sure but his effort level never waned. Kyle Singler who looked so smooth on offense in game 1 had to fight more to get open today but still managed 12 points.

Brandon Knight looked much more interested in getting his teammates involved and made a number of sharp passes that turned into missed shots. In the second half he looked to score more but just like almost everyone else on his team he struggled with his jumper and couldn't convert inside.