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The DetroitBadBoys Masthead: seeking new voices to examine the Pistons narrative

A good year for the Detroit Pistons was also a great year for DetroitBadBoys. When compared to 2010-11, this last season saw more original articles and community participation thanks largely to a few key figures. The addition of Sean Corp and Ben Gulker to the DBB masthead added a lot more coverage and analysis than the site has seen before. Community-driven game threads, from guys like Tads, V, SpursFanSteve, handsomerob1 and the surprisingly prolific Fuad Shalhout gave new, distinctive voices to the Pistons narrative. As a fan of this site, first-and-foremost, I'd like to thank all of these guys for what they did in 2011-12. I'm also curious about who is next to add their voice to the site's masthead...

As much as I appreciate the work of Matt, Packey, Kevin, Sean and Ben, the true value of this site has always been in the comments. There are so many brilliant conversations, wise perspectives and... ridiculous memes and all of this is what makes this site tick. With the growth of this site due in a large part to adding Sean and Ben's voice to the main page, you'd have to think there are more voices from the community that might enjoy some time on the DBB pulpit. With that, I'll come right out and ask-- do any of you MFers have interest in contributing official stories to DBB as a "featured contributor"?

If you're a comfortable writer and feel your opinion should be added to the official voice of the main page, feel free to email any of us directly. If you'd like to nominate another DBBer or yourself, do so in the comments!! We're hoping to add a contributor or two each summer who feels they'd have time to pitch in an article or two every week. The reward is mostly bragging rights and the ability to share your side of the narrative officially-- as the pay per post is the same that I earn: $0.00.

Again, feel free to nominate yourself or anyone else in the comments, and also feel free to reach out to us via email as well. Here's to hoping that the next season will be even better for DBB than the last.