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Ben Wallace says he is '50-50' about returning to Pistons

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Talk about burying the lead. At the very end of a report on Ben Wallace's summer league in Richmond, Va., where he played his college ball, we get this nugget of information:

Wallace has an option for one more year with the Pistons, where he has spent a majority of his career. It would be his 17th in the NBA, and he says he is "50-50″ about coming back. A lot of it will depend on how he plays in his own league.

"I'll be out here. How much of a player [he still is] remains to be seen!!"

Obviously, with amnesty off the table and free agency consisting of Slava Kravtsov, one of the few remaining mysteries of the Pistons' season is whether or not Ben Wallace will return to the team. With 14 players already under contract, the Pistons have only one spot remaining and it seems like it will either go to the returning Wallace or rookie second-round pick Khris Middleton.

If Wallace does return it seems likely that the Pistons would try and encourage Middleton to spend a season overseas but if he refuses the team will have no choice but to not offer him a contract and let him walk.

H/T PistonPowered.