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2012 NBA Free Agency: Pistons interested in signing Michael Beasley?

As Sean passed along in a FanShot, the Pistons might be showing some interest in free agent forward Michael Beasley. Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick made mention of Beasley's appeal to Detroit in the penultimate bullet point in his recent 'Inside the NBA' column:

A source said Phoenix and Detroit are among those pursuing small forward Michael Beasley. Minnesota declined to extend the former No. 2 pick a qualifying offer, making him an unrestricted free agent.

As Sean noted, the Pistons' roster doesn't have much flexibility after they went out and signed Ukranian big-man Vyacheslav Kravtsov. Assuming the Pistons sign both of their second round draft picks, the roster will be at a maximum 15 players. Keith Langlois says to be extremely skeptical and Matt Dery says to not believe the hype due to the roster.

Of course, one of the draft picks not signing is still a possibility and coinciding trades are still on the table (as is amnestying Charlie Villanueva).

Beasley is an interesting free agent because he was so highly touted coming out of college and is still 24 years old. But there have been some questions about his character, which has led some to believe is the reason for his underwhelming NBA career thus far after being selected No. 2 overall by the Miami Heat in 2008. If we know Dumars like we think we do, character red flags would make this a more unlikely scenario than the roster issues.

Beasley could definitely be another "value" free agent signing for Dumars, although it would be one unlike the "value" signings he made in the past that led the Pistons to a Championship and six straight conference title games. When Dumars signed Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton, their numbers were already in line with how they ultimately produced in Detroit; their talent was either under utilized or unrealized, though, which is hard to believe for a pair of Top 10 picks. Beasley's talent is unquestioned and he has been given plenty of opportunities to put it all together on the court, but there are legitimate concerns whether or not it will ever materialize.