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2012 NBA Rumors: Pistons have had no contact with Terrence Williams, Michael Beasley

A couple days ago, a rumor surfaced via Sports Illustrated that the Pistons might be interested in unrestricted free agent Michael Beasley, a former No. 2 overall pick who hasn't panned out. An overwhelming majority on DBB believe signing Beasley would be a massive mistake. Earlier today, Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld reported that the Pistons are also possibly interested in Terrence Williams for what would be the third time, by my count. That too has been met with disdain from the brilliant community.

Today, Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News tweeted that the Pistons want nothing to do with those two:

So, there you have it. Despite rumors to the contrary, Dumars, staying true to his word in the past, wants no part of a couple of potential character problems, never mind the fact that the roster is also uncomfortably congested at their positions.