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NBA Rivals: Who is the Detroit Pistons' Top Rival?

Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

This week at the dot com, it's NBA Rivalry Week. We're supposed to pick the Detroit Pistons' biggest rival and talk about it a bit. The problem is that the Pistons aren't exactly good enough to have a legitimate rival these days. MFMP says the team's biggest rival right now is Joe Dumars and I know many would probably agree, jokingly or not.

If you go back to the Bad Boys era, there's obviously the heated rivalries with the Celtics, Bulls, Lakers and even the Blazers. The Pistons' rivalry with the Celtics, Bulls and Lakers all have their own Wikipedia pages, so we know those were legit. In the 2000s, the rivalries with the Celtics and Lakers resurfaced in the playoffs and you could probably add the Spurs and LeBron Cavs to the list.

Personally, my blood still boils whenever the Pistons play the Celtics and I get an unusual amount of satisfaction whenever the Pistons beat them. To me, the Celtics -- with stupid Paul Pierce and that big dummy Kevin Garnett -- are still the Pistons' biggest rival, but I would understand if I'm the only person who feels this way today.

What do you think, though? Who is the Pistons' biggest rival? Is it anyone I've already mentioned? Maybe it's another team, like the 76ers, who feel the Pistons are their biggest rivals, or the Magic, who put the Pistons in their poll. Submit your vote and then explain your decision in the comments below.

UPDATE: The Cavs' blog thinks their rival is either the Pistons or Wizards.