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Pistons and getting back to basics

Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Detroit Pistons are not a good team and they have not been for several years now. But last season marked the changing of eras as the team was sold by the widow of longtime owner Bill Davidson to billionaire Michigan native Tom Gores.

And it has quickly become apparent that Gores is unafraid to not do the things new owners traditionally do. He didn't opt to make a splash like the Los Angeles Dodgers did when trading for more than $200 million in future salary in a big trade with the Boston Red Sox. He's also implemented a unique marketing campaign to win back the fans.

The Pistons organization is taking a decidedly lo-fi approach. A back-to-basics appeal to basketball fans that I can't help but love. Each video is shot in black and white with no narration and only ambient sound. The videos show off various players and coach Lawrence Frank doing all the mundane things that will help make them better and turn the team around.

No frills. No nonsense. Just going to work. If this is what the Gores era is going to be like, more please.

Vincent Goodwill recently wrote an article about the new campaign in the Detroit News and shows off a video featuring Greg Monroe. But there are also videos featuring Brandon Knight, Jonas Jerebko, Lawrence Frank, a team practice and even Mason. All videos are embedded after the jump.

Greg Monroe demonstrates an impressive rebounding drill in this Detroit Basketball spot.

Brandon Knight works on his handles in this Detroit Basketball spot.

You can never get up too many jump shots. Jonas Jerebko continues his summer workouts in this Detroit Basketball spot.

There is no offseason for coach Lawrence Frank as he continues to study game film, as shown in this Detroit Basketball spot.

Take a look at an intense team drill in this Detroit Basketball spot.

And just because I am a completist I will also embed this Mason spot that doesn't quite fit with the rest of the promotional campaign.

I can't wait for the season to begin.