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NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons, Tayshaun Prince have 'never' discussed trade

For many Pistons fans, trading Tayshaun Prince is one of the next logical steps of the Pistons too slow rebuild. But according to Tayshaun's agent, it's not on the radar for either side.

Isolayshaun hasn't been as frequent this season as in year's past, a good thing for everyone.
Isolayshaun hasn't been as frequent this season as in year's past, a good thing for everyone.
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

An interesting article from RealGM popped up over the weekend in which Tayshaun Prince indicated rather strongly that he has no plans on being traded from Detroit.

It goes without saying to anyone who's watched the Pistons consistently that Tayshaun Prince is playing some nice basketbal for Detroit. Unlike the past two season, Prince appears to have accepted a lesser role in favor of players like Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight, and Rodney Stuckey. And the numbers I trust suggest that Prince is playing quite a bit better basketball as a result.

It seems only natural that a team like Detroit would be looking to deal a player like Prince to a team looking to bolster its rotation for a Playoff push or Playoff run.

According to Prince and his agent, though, that's never been a conversation for either party.

Bill Duffy:

Some across the league believe Prince, at 32 years old, and the Pistons would be smart to move on from each other. Nevertheless, Prince is assured the Pistons won't field trade offers for him, and the two sides have "never" discussed dealing Prince, agent Bill Duffy told RealGM.

And Prince:

"I know there are a lot of contending teams that I can help," Prince told RealGM. "But right now, this is the team I have to help. Everybody wants to be in the position where they have a chance of winning a championship every year, but obviously it doesn't work that way."

A year ago, this would have gotten me pretty worked up. But a year ago, Prince appeared malcontent, and he was playing the worst basketball of his career.

This season, though, Prince seems to have embraced his role, embraced the coaching staff, and embraced the reality of what it means to be part of a rebuilding franchise. I don't think I'll ever like his contract, but for the moment anyway, I'm a Tayshaun Prince fan again, and I'm perfectly content watching him play in a Pistons uniform.