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Rasheed Wallace: Pistons 'headed in the right direction'

The former Pistons big man likes Detroit's future while making promises about his own.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

How long will it be until Rasheed Wallace hangs up his sneakers and picks up a clipboard? I'm convinced it's just a matter of time. But even if he switches sides and enters the coaching profession, he vows it won't be in the NBA, telling reporters earlier this week that he'd like to get involved with younger players. From Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

"That's where you start it off at," Wallace, 38, said at O2 Arena. "There's a lot of bad habits a lot of guys have now in the NBA and in college, so there's only one way to get them started right, and that's to go back to the roots. Too many prima donnas up here. Once they get paid that money, they don't want to work, so it's a whole different league."

Wallace isn't in a rush, though, disputing reports that his current foot injury would sideline him for the rest of the year. From the New York Times:

"My season ain't over. I'm going to be back. I was laid off for three years, so one little foot injury ain't going to stop me. I'm good."

As for his old team, it's going on four seasons since he played for the Pistons -- only four of his ex-teammates remain on the roster, although he's scrimmaged with the current team in the offseason -- but he likes Detroit's new foundation. From Ellis again:

"The Pistons are trying to revamp and start it all over again, and that's where they have to start at down low," Wallace said. "It all starts with post play. They have two pretty good young guys that are definitely bona fide centers here in the NBA, so they're headed in the right direction."

Apropos of nothing, here's Wallace, always a proud Tar Heel, making his presence known during an interview Kyle Singler gave in London (via TBJ / @patrick_hayes):