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David Stern on Pistons leaving Auburn Hills for downtown Detroit

Will the Pistons ever move downtown? David Stern sees no rush.


At the beginning of the season, Tom Gores left the door open that the Pistons might someday move from Auburn Hills to downtown Detroit. He didn't endorse the idea -- especially after an eight-digit renovation project at the Palace -- but he didn't pour cold water on it, either.

Prior to Thursday's game in London, David Stern was asked about the possibility, as well. Before all you non-Oakland County residents get too excited, though, he lauded the Palace's improvements as being good enough -- a telling sign if there ever was one, when you consider how often sports commissioners attempt to hold a city hostage for publicly-funded buildings.

From (who else?) Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

At first Stern referred to Pistons owner Tom Gores and Palace president Dennis Mannion, who were in attendance. But he ultimately gave a solid endorsement to the Palace.

"It's been a great home for us, and indeed it is, I'd say, given the recent reinvestments that have been made by Tom Gores and Dennis Mannion and that whole team," Stern said. "It's the best preserved of its age that we have, and it's just about as modern as can be. So I have had not part of any discussion for a replacement arena for that."

Worth noting, though: once (if?) the Kings leave Sacramento, the Pistons will be the only team in the NBA without a downtown arena.