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Jonas Jerebko wants to play and his father hopes Lawrence Frank gets fired

Swedish newspaper talked to Jerebko and others when the Pistons visited London to play the Knicks. A game in which Jonas again received a DNP-CD.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

It isn't just Detroit Pistons fans that are unhappy with the benching of Jonas Jerebko. So is the coach for the Swedish national team, Jerebko himself and Jerebko's father. And Pistons fans also aren't the only ones looking for reasons why the forward continues to see zero game time.

All involved opened up in an online story for about the frustrating situation. Obviously, as a disclaimer, the Google translation is rough. But there are also certain trends in the article that are hard to miss, even with the garbled language.

Jonas Jerebko is bummed about his lack of playing time and seems to be wondering if perhaps his best shot at playing time is with another team:

-I continue to do what I always do. I know that this will not be too long. I know there are teams out there that want me, but I do not really know what's going on, continues Swede.

Hopefully a Swedish friend can smooth out the quotes and clarify if JJ is openly longing for a trade.

There are two familiar reasons mentioned in the article as to why he might have been benched: 1. Lack of 3-point shooting ability and 2. Showcasing Charlie Villanueva and Austin Daye. Count Swedish national team manager Jonte Karlsson as a proponent of the showcasing theory.

"You do not sell a player and get rid of his contract if he is sitting on the bench," Karlsson said (roughly translated).

That doesn't sit well with Jerebko's father, Chris, an American who played at Syracuse before embarking on a pro career in Sweden. His (again, roughly translated) quote:

-Detroit's coach is a square type and hopefully he is not there next year, he continues.

Putting the original quote through the Detroit Bad Boys translator, I believe a more accurate translation would be: