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Tayshaun Prince not surprised Lindsey Hunter is coaching

Tayshaun Prince on former teammate Lindsey Hunter becoming head coach of the Phoenix Suns, via Vince Ellis:

"Obviously taking over a team that's been struggling is going to be difficult," Prince said after the Pistons' victory over the Celtics Sunday. "I'm definitely anxious and excited to see it because I know what type of guy Lindsey is, so I want to see how his plan (works)."

[...] "He always spoke his mind, especially when Larry Brown was our coach," Prince said. "Coach would always ask Lindsey ... whether Coach Brown thought it was the right idea or the wrong idea, he just wanted to hear it from his perspective because Lindsey got so much knowledge. He played the game that long and had been through so many things."

Ellis notes that Hunter impressed while interviewing for the Orlando Magic head coaching job -- I didn't even realize he was a candidate. (I'm not the only one.) After spending some time scouting with the Bulls, he was hired by the Suns as a player development coach. Can he turn around the Suns? Maybe, maybe not -- but as Dave King of Bright Side of the Sun notes, history has proven that Hunter's lack of head coaching experience shouldn't necessarily be held against him.

Update: Vincent Goodwill has more quotes from Prince about Hunter:

"I can understand why (he was selected)," Prince said. "Great mind, motivator, great passion and they'll see that. Taking over a team that's struggling is different."

[...]"Today's game isn't just about coaching," Prince said. "You gotta fire these young guys up and have them ready to play. It's so many other things involved other than X's and O's."