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Lindsey Hunter's FBI investigation for alleged mortgage fraud still ongoing

Remember when it was revealed that Lindsey Hunter was being investigated by the FBI for mortgage fraud? (If you need a refresher -- this happened in 2008, after all -- read this and this.) Turns out that's still hanging over his head.

When asked by reporters at today's practice, Hunter claimed the case was dead -- even though Bright Side of the Sun's Seth Pollack spoke to one of the lawyers involved in the case earlier this afternoon, who confirmed it's still an ongoing investigation.

In any case, here's Hunter's response, courtesy of

I'm curious to see what happens now, especially with Arizona's media just now becoming aware of Hunter's legal issues. The transition from Alvin Gentry to Hunter hasn't been graceful, to say the least -- assistant coaches Dan Majerle and Elston Turner are reportedly disgruntled after being passed over, and Hunter and Jermaine O'Neal were involved in a "heated, expletive-filled argument" after Hunter's first practice Monday.

In any case, visit Bright Side of the Sun for more -- I imagine this is the last we'll touch this at DBB.