Potential 3-team trade with Cavaliers, Pistons, Pacers

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Hey guys. David Zavac over here from Fear the Sword. I do some writing for them over there, but live in Toledo so I end up following Detroit quite a bit too. I have a trade for you guys that might not seem all that great at first but I think puts the Pistons in better shape moving forward. The Pistons are my second favorite team so I really have no interest in screwing you guys over.

Pacers get: Rodney Stuckey, Tayshaun Prince

Detroit gets: Tyler Zeller, Alonzo Gee, Luke Walton, Miami's 1st Rd pick this year (likely to be around 26), and the Memphis 1st round pick we just acquired today, or the Cavs 2014 1st round pick, top 3 protected, whichever you guys prefer.

Cavs get: Charlie Villanueva, and Danny Granger.

Why it makes sense for Indiana: With Paul George developing, Danny Granger is expendable. Stuckey gives them a solid point guard to give their bench some sorely needed offense, and Prince gives them a 3 and D SF that doesn't need the ball in his hands on a pretty reasonable contract. This allows them to add to their core this year and perhaps challenge Miami.

Why it makes sense for Cleveland: preserves 2014 cap flexibility, gives Cleveland a solid veteran at SF to help Kyrie Irving out so he doesn't have to carry so much of the load. Granger could be good insurance if we can't get a SF in free agency or through the draft.

Why it makes sense for Detroit: With Bynum and Knight, Stuckey is a bit redundant. The future of the Pistons is in Knight (and I actually really like him). The first round pick, if you take our 2014 one, should come when you guys lose your own pick to Charlotte. Prince is good, but won't be good when you guys are ready to compete. In the meantime, you get rid of Villanueva without having to use the amnesty, and get a decent Center prospect to really fill out your core of Monroe and Drummond in Zeller. I don't see Zeller as a starter in the league, but he should be able to come off the bench and do good things. Finally, you basically get unlimited cap space. You get rid of Stuckey, Prince, and Villanueva, your biggest contracts. You get to move forward with Knight-Monroe-Drummond-Zeller and have 1st round picks intact.

What do you guys think?

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