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NBA TV Fan Night, January 29: Vote for Pistons-Bucks!

You can help put the Pistons on national television at least one more time this year by voting for their match up with the Bucks as the January 29 NBA Fan Night Game of the Week.


The Pistons didn't perform so hot the last time they were on NBA TV, losing in London to the New York Knicks, but it could be a short turnaround until their next nationally televised game with your help. You can vote the Tuesday, January 29 Bucks game onto NBA TV as part of their Fan Night Game of the Week.

All you have to do is VOTE HERE.

After you vote, tell your friends to vote - you have until Thursday night. As of right now, the Pistons-Bucks game has the lowest vote total with only 6% of the tallies. Warriors-Cavs (22%), Mavs-Blazers (25%) and Hornets-Lakers (47%), ewe, are the other games to choose from, with the latter two being late games on the east coast.

During last night's Fan Night Game of the Week between the Thunder and Clippers, native Detroiter and former Piston Chris Webber expressed his disappointment in the measly 6% for the Pistons-Bucks game because "Detroit's got some exciting young players." Perhaps the Pistons' match up would be better received by the general NBA fan's curiosity if the timeworn Tayshaun Prince wasn't being used to advertise it. Now your thoughts.