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Forbes NBA values: Pistons worth $400 million

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Forbes released their annual guesses estimations at the value of each NBA team, and the Pistons rank No. 22 at $400 million. The New York Knicks top the list at a cool $1.1 billion, followed by the Lakers ($1 billion), Chicago Bulls ($800 million) and Boston Celtics ($730 million).

Bear in mind, though, this is highly theoretical -- a team is worth whatever someone will pay for it, and Forbes' shot in the dark has rarely matched up perfectly with actual sale prices. In 2010, Forbes estimated the Pistons to be worth $479 million (!), and in 2011 they adjusted it to $360 million -- but when push came to shove, Tom Gores paid closer to $325 million.

In 2010, the Golden State Warriors sold for $450 million, a record for an NBA team. The Sacramento Kings, however, may top that deal; the Chris Hansen/Steve Ballmer group is trying to buy a 65 percent stake of the team worth $340 million, pegging the total value of the franchise at $525 million.