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VIDEO: Andre Drummond blocks Shane Battier

Sick of Andre Drummond highlights? Yeah, me neither. Here's video of him stuffing 34-year-old Detroit Country Day alum Shane Battier.

There's actually some quotes on this one from ESPN's Tom Haberstroh, who wrote a great piece titled, 'The Andre Drummond Experience':

But even now, he’s catching opposing veterans by surprise. At one point, Shane Battier thought he was LeBron James for a moment and curiously tried to dunk on Drummond on the baseline. It didn’t end well. Drummond met Battier at the rim and the rookie palmed the ball with his right hand in midair, ripping it down without using his off hand.

In a moment, Drummond made Battier look like 44, not 34.

"Yeah, I was surprised, I was like, ‘Oh, he looks like he’s gonna try to dunk it!’" Drummond said at his locker after the game. "I just jumped and got a hand on it."

Another wily vet gets beaten by the Drummond.

Now, your thoughts.