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VIDEO: Crazy tip drill at end of Pistons-Magic game

The Pistons were up two with six seconds to play and Jameer Nelson on the line when suddenly all hell broke loose.

The finish to the Detroit Pistons 104-102 win over the Orlando Magic was one of the more insane, heart-stopping moments I can remember in a long while. The situation: The Pistons are up four when Will Bynum inexplicably fouls Jameer Nelson on a 3-point shot. Nelson calmly sinks the first two. He then appears to attempt to make the third but it clanks off the rim.

The Pistons had Andre Drummond on the bench and Charlie Villanueva and Greg Monroe representing their bigs under the hoop. Were the Pistons afraid of Drummond grabbing the board and getting fouled? Who knows but chaos ensued.

Neither Moose or CV can secure the rebound and the ball starts bouncing all over the place as the clock ticks down.

Eventually, Glen Davis gets his hands on it and appears to have a clean look under the basket for an easy lay-in and a tie game. But Greg Monroe gets his hands on the ball and blocks the shot. The ball continues bouncing everywhere. Nikola Vucevic gets another clean look at the basket and it bounces off the backboard without touching rim. Nelson gets the rebound and has the cleanest look yet but he blows the shot too. Finally a desperate tip-in chance from Vucevic is unsuccessful and the clock hits zero.

Pistons win. Barely.