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Pistons vs. Bucks highlights: Andre Drummond's one-handed putback dunk

As ugly as last night's game was, it won't take long before we forget the final score and simply remember Andre Drummond's highlights in sepia tones. Dude had a double-double in 10 minutes and change, ultimately finishing with 18 points and 18 rebounds in just 28 minutes. Here's two points and one rebound that I especially enjoyed:

As everyone has already pointed out, Drummond joins Dwight Howard as the only teenager to go 18 and 18 since the 1985-86 season (and maybe longer -- that's just how far back Basketball-Reference's game-finder database goes).

How about teenagers going 17 and 17? Just Drummond and Howard, who did it five times. And teenagers going 16 and 16? It's Drummond and Howard (nine times!) again, with LeBron James, Chris Bosh and ... Anthony Randolph. I'd keep lowering the bar, but this is already getting pointless.

Also, many thanks to friend of DBB Tas Melas for starting the #LetDreDunk movement: