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Tayshaun Prince trade: What does Detroit Pistons' new rotation look like?

Tayshaun Prince is gone and Jose Calderon is here. What does that mean for Detroit's player rotation?

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is exciting. The Detroit Pistons have traded the last element of its championship era by shipping Tayshaun Prince (along with Austin Daye) to the Memphis Grizzlies. In return, Detroit receives point guard Jose Calderon.

Needless to say, this is going to greatly impact the Pistons' player rotation. They've lost their starting and backup small forward and gained a point guard better than any on the roster previously. So how does the new rotation look?

The biggest question, I think, is if coach Lawrence Frank is willing to give the starting point guard role to Jose Calderon. He was a backup in Toronto behind Kyle Lowry and even that raised some eyebrows inside and outside the organization. And suffice it to say, Brandon Knight is no Lowry.

And what of the small forward situation? You'd have to assume that it allows Kyle Singler to slide down into his natural position but that opens up the shooting guard slot.

The options there would be to take Brandon Knight, point guard of the future, and turn him into the shooting guard of the present. He's a good shooter and is at his best when he is able to spot up on the perimeter. But having Calderon and Knight in the same backcourt could create issues defensively.

That means Stuckey might go from being benched to moving into the starting lineup. If only one of Calderon or Knight starts then Stuckey will be the obvious choice to man the other spot.

Furthermore, this creates an opening to backup Singler. Does Jonas Jerebko finally get out of the doghouse and onto the court? Or is he still a "power forward" and Maggette gets back on the floor?

Tonight's game will be a good indication of what Frank plans for the small forward rotation. The guard spots will be trickier to handle and we won't know that until Calderon joins the team.

How would you craft a new rotation?