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NBA Trade Rumors: Could Detroit make more moves before NBA Trade Deadline?

To acquire Jose Calderon in a three-way trade involving Toronto and Memphis, Detroit barely skimmed the surface of its available trade assets. Could the Pistons look to make more moves before the NBA Trade Deadline, and if so, what assets should be at their disposal?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Hours ago, the Detroit Pistons completed a trade that sent Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye to Memphis for Jose Calderon from Toronto. While the ink is still fresh on the league's trade approval, Detroit's window for deadline trades is far from closed. Unlike this time last year, the Pistons entered this season with a large collection of potential trade assets-- and to complete the trade for Jose Calderon, they barely scratched the surface.

In addition to Tayshaun Prince and the expiring contract of Austin Daye, the Pistons have a variety of players they can still use to bring back talent before February's trade deadline. Here's a look at the pieces at Detroit's disposal:

  • Corey Maggette - Maggette does not present much, if any on court value for the remainder of the 2012-13 season. His $11M expiring contract, on the other hand, could attract cash strapped teams in need of a salary swap.
  • Jason Maxiell - Jason has produced one of the better seasons of his career this year, with all-time highs in rebounds and blocks. Even though he's a few weeks away from his 30th birthday, teams could be interested in his productivity for the remainder of his expiring contract. He delivers both cash savings and court production for any team looking to shore up its frontcourt before the playoffs.
  • Will Bynum - Like Maxiell, Bynum is having a career year thanks to some exciting performances that could be a wake-up call to teams that need a scoring spark off-the-bench. His career-high assist rate and career-best a/to ratio looks as good on paper as his alley-oop passes look on the court. Add to that his $3.25M expiring deal, and Bynum has plenty of trade value.
  • Rodney Stuckey - Unlike the options above, Stuckey has another year on his contract, albeit only partially-guaranteed. Unless he's traded to a tax-paying team, it's a near-certainty that he'll be retained for the full $8.5M he's due next season. While he's struggled with his shot this season, he's one hot streak away from inflating his averages and attracting potential trade offers.

There's a common element amongst the above players that might make Detroit consider parting with them-- they're duplicated by other players on the roster. Rodney Stuckey is largely duplicated by Brandon Knight, as both players are better-suited to an on-the-ball, off-the-bench scoring role. Having added Jose Calderon, the Pistons have less of a need for Will Bynum, as the backup point guard duties now fall to Brandon Knight (assuming Calderon ultimately starts ahead of Knight). Maxiell's days as a starter have been numbered since Andre Drummond was drafted, as Detroit's Frontcourt of the Future is likely to take shape soon. Lastly, Corey Maggette isn't even in Lawrence Frank's rotation, so missing him shouldn't be an issue.

Granted, Detroit may opt to keep part or all of these expiring salaries to maintain cap space for free agency spending this summer. Given the lack of premier names in this summer's free agent class, however, the Pistons may opt to test the trade market with a few of these pieces while they can move them. It's hard to ask for much more than the Pistons already achieved today with the trade that made Jose Calderon a Piston, but Detroit doesn't need to settle if they don't want to. They used only a fraction of their trade assets to acquire a player that filled their greatest need, and their ability to explore the trade market remains. It might be a wise decision for Detroit. The fun, Pistons fans, may be far from over.