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Report: Jose Calderon and Brandon Knight will be starting backcourt

The Pistons don't play until Friday at Cleveland and their new point guard Jose Calderon might not be ready to hit the floor until Sunday's game against the Lakers. If he is indeed the starting point guard who should be the shooting guard?

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

The Pistons received a top-flight point guard when they traded Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye to Memphis in a three-team deal that netted Detroit Jose Calderon from the Raptors. We've already discussed several issues, seriously check out the story stream, and one of the key questions is how the new rotation will shake out with the addition of Calderon and the subtraction of Prince.

According to a report in Mlive, the plan is as follows:

The addition of Calderon means second-year veteran Brandon Knight will move to shooting guard and losing Prince and Daye could result in more minutes for Jonas Jerebko, Kim English and perhaps even Khris Middleton.

Frustratingly, there is no sourcing for this information so its unclear whether this is information Lawrence Frank or someone else in the organization shared this information or if this is just Brendan Savage's educated guess.

The biggest debate, obviously, is who should share the back court with Calderon -- Knight or Rodney Stuckey. Offensively, the better option is Knight, who has shown a knack for being a dead-eye standstill perimeter shooter. But a lineup of Calderon, a poor if engaged defender, and Knight, who has made definite progress on the defensive end in his second year but is probably too small to guard many shooting guards, could mean you're losing more on defense then you're gaining on offense. Stuckey, on the other hand, is much bigger than Knight, 6-5 compared to 6-3, and 205 compared to 189.

Assuming that Savage is right about the starting lineup it also begs the question of whether the Pistons are going to roll out a four-guard rotation or if one of Stuckey or Will Bynum is going to get squeezed out.