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Pistons Trade: Wages of Wins approves of Calderon acquisition

Point guard play has arguably been the Pistons' biggest weakness for several years. According to wins produced, Jose Calderon could be the best Pistons point since Chauncey Billups.

Once on-court opponents, Knight and Calderon will now compete for minutes.
Once on-court opponents, Knight and Calderon will now compete for minutes.
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Jose Calderon gives the Pistons a real chance at the Playoffs, or at least that's how co-editor - and also huge Toronto Raptors fan - Devin Dignam sees it. Click through to read the whole piece, which looks at the production and salary implications for all sides including the Pistons.

The highlights:

The numbers for each player (as well as each team!) are available via the NBA Geek:

Player Pos. Minutes Played Wins Produced per 48 minutes Wins Produced Points over Par per 48 Points per Game
Jose Calderon PG 1273 0.234 6.2 4.2 11.1
Ed Davis PF 1087 0.191 4.3 2.9 9.7
Austin Daye SF 348 0.137 1.0 1.2 5.1
Tayshaun Prince SF 1457 0.087 2.6 -0.4 11.7
Rudy Gay SF 1541 0.040 1.3 -1.8 17.2
Hamed Haddadi C 87 -0.002 0.0 -3.2 1.2

Yes, you're reading that correctly. The Pistons acquired the most productive player in this trade according to Wins Produced.

As a matter of fact, Calderon and Davis have produced the second most and 10th most wins at their respective positions this season...Detroit took two average small forwards and turned them into an excellent point guard. This is big news for the Pistons because point guard is the team's weakest position, andKyle Singler and Jonas Jerebko should be able to approach Prince and Daye's production. Although Calderon is in the last year of his contract, a temporary upgrade at point guard makes it very likely that Detroit will make the playoffs this season.

I would add, though, that Calderon's high level production isn't completely guaranteed. Production can vary a bit when players change teams. And of course, there's the rotation question. And while Calderon and Knight are reported to be the new starting backcourt (at least for one game), one game does not a rotation make. Calderon can't help from the bench, and Frank will have to pull minutes from Knight if Calderon is to make a significant impact.

Finally, the salary implications, where Detroit wins again.

Player Old Team New Team 2012-13 Salary ($ millions) Total Salary ($ millions) Years Remaining*
Jose Calderon TOR DET 10.6 10.6 1
Ed Davis TOR MEM 2.2 9.7 3
Austin Daye DET MEM 3.0 7.1 2
Tayshaun Prince DET MEM 6.8 21.7 3
Rudy Gay MEM TOR 16.5 53.7 3
Hamed Haddadi MEM TOR 1.3 2.7 2
Toronto Net: +5.0 +36.1
Memphis Net: -5.8 -17.9
Detroit Net: +0.8 -18.2

I wouldn't say I'm back on the Joe Dumars bandwagon by any stretch - he will have to navigate the summer of 2013 successfully for me to even consider it - but this was really good trade for Detroit from all angles. Kudos, Joe Dumars. Trading Prince couldn't have been easy, and trading him for a package that brings back this much value was likely harder still.