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Charlie Villanueva says he's not a dirty player, Isaiah Thomas is just a 'little dude'

Charlie Villanueva was fined $25,000 for his flagrant two foul on Isaiah Thomas on Tuesday night. Thomas called it a dirty play by a dirty player, to which Villanueva responded by defending himself and making fun of Thomas' stature.

Flagrant two? Make it a three.
Flagrant two? Make it a three.
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Charlie Villanueva's flagrant two on Sacramento Kings point guard Isaiah Thomas cost him what might have been a special game (he had nine points in 11 minutes) and $25,000. After the game, Thomas slung some mud, calling the play a dirty one by a dirty player.

On Thursday, Villanueva responded to the call and Thomas' claim [quote via Detroit News]:

"Dirty player? Not at all," said Villanueva. "It was an open lane, I tried to block it. He's four-foot-11, 100 pounds soaking wet, so it looks bad." [...]

"He came after me. I learned my lesson after the last time (laughs), I wasn't gonna do anything," Villanueva said. "I'm not trying to hurt anybody out there."[...]

"He said what he had to say, it's over and done with," Villanueva said. "I expected just a regular foul. I got kicked out. I think it was a little too harsh and now I'm going to go through the (appeals) process. He's a little dude, so it looks worse than what it is."

In the words of Ben Gordon,"oh shit." Although I'm in agreement with Villanueva, for the most part, I think if you live in a glass house, you probably shouldn't throw stones.