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Andre Drummond: "I'm not getting as fatigued anymore."

Andre Drummond isn't playing as much as many fans would like, and many have speculated it may be due to conditioning. A brief quote on suggests that may actually have been the case - at least until now.


Fatigue has been an issue for Andre Drummond. Dedicated fans who've paid close attention have seen him ask to come out of games on more than one occasion, leading many to speculate that Dre's conditioning is a more significant issue than it appears at face value.

Personally, I'm of the position that the only thing that should limit Andre Drummond's minutes is fatigue, and it looks like Andre himself confirmed that fatigue has been limiting his ability to play.


"I'm not getting as fatigued anymore," Drummond told the Pistons' official website. "I'm getting a lot more used to the game. It's starting to come a little easier. I know the pace of the game."

So, there it is, straight from the Bull's mouth.

To those who suspected this may be a reason for limiting his minutes, my hat's off to you. It looks like you were exactly right.

The upside, though? Dre's rounding into NBA shape, and that very well could (should?) mean we'll get even more extended looks at the impressive rookie.