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DBB Navel Gazing: Our most active readers



SB Nation's whip-smart tech team dug into the numbers for each of the blogs and proved what we already knew: we like to talk. A lot. Some more than others (cough, Boo, cough).

But before we dig into the numbers, this seems like a good time to point out some of the recent design changes that draw more attention to FanPosts and FanShots, including new links at the top of the page. When we first launched this redesign in September we didn't have the ability to feature FanPosts in the cover. We can now do that, as you may have seen last week with revken's excellent Drummond/Dwight comparison.

We'll continue to promote the best analysis and commentary from the FanPost section to the front page, so please continue to contribute your thoughts. As for FanShots, our tech team will be tweaking the presentation of those in the (relatively) near future, as well.

But I digress. Apropos of nothing, here's a list of the most verbose Detroit Pistons fans on the planet in 2012:

Most Comments:

The Boourns, 6166
Mike Payne, 5748
BandWagonerPaysTheDues, 4016
brgulker, 3083
garrettelliott, 2896
Kriz, 2589
Shinons*, 2537
-PS-, 2253
madpoopz, 2070
heWizard, 2000

Most FanPosts

Hunt B, 48
The Boourns, 27
XstreamINsanity, 22
revken, 16
tads, 13
Shinons*, 8
djunak, 8
MichiganBillsFan84, 8
Balibago, 7
Fuad Shalhout, 7

Most FanShots

Big Z in Orlando, 37
-PS-, 33
XstreamINsanity, 26
Mike Payne, 22
Sean_Corp, 22
The Boourns, 16
TDP, 15
tads, 14
MichiganBillsFan84, 13
Packey, 10