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Pistons vs. Heat, NBA Preseason: Game Time, (lack of) TV and radio, odds and more

This is your GameThread, friends. Let's do this.


After splashing around in the kiddie pool on Tuesday, the Detroit Pistons are being thrown into Lake Michigan tonight.

Or something like that.

Forced metaphors aside, the talent gap between the Pistons and Maccabi Haifa in the preseason opener was nearly the same as the gulf between the Pistons and Miami Heat last season. Granted, it's still the preseason, and there's no guarantee that the Heat will even travel with all of their superstars, let alone dress them, but tonight's game provides our first opportunity to see how the Pistons measure up against NBA-caliber competition. (For what it's worth, Vegas likes the Heat by five.)

Unfortunately ... chances are most of us won't be able to see what that looks like. Only the final three games of the preseason will be televised, meaning we're yet again forced to listen on the radio (97.1 FM / 1270 AM 950 AM), refresh box scores and follow along on Twitter.

Update: Had the radio wrong -- it should be 950 AM:

While we're busy arguing about who deserves to be in the guard rotation, Mo Cheeks is out here trolling us:

Cheeks has already said he's going to limit the regular-season rotation to four guards, so why waste time with a small forward at the two now? I don't get it, but that's preseason ball for you.

The ball tips at 7:30, meaning you have a chance to listen to at least one half of basketball before bailing for the Tigers game. (I mean, let's be honest ...) So sit back, turn on the radio, play with the GIF oracle and enjoy the game with your DBB family. We're like your real family, except we never disappoint you or borrow money or ask when you're going to have kids already.

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